Recipes: French Press

The French Press has been around since 1929. Extremely simple and easy to use, the French Press has become a very popular full immersion home-brewing device. Our recipe brews two cups, but can be halved for more a single-cup recipe.

Quick recipe

Coffee Dose: 45 grams

Grind Size: Setting 23 to 25 on the Baratza Encore (or 900 to 1000 µm)

Water Dose: 700 milliliters

Water Temp: 205°F

Brew Time: 4:00 steep

Brew Mass: 640 grams

Target TDS: ~1.25%



  1. Fill kettle with at least 700 milliliters of water and bring to 205°
  2. Weigh out 45 grams of whole bean coffee
  3. Grind coffee just before brewing
  4. Place your French Press on a scale
  5. Pour ground coffee into your French Press
  6. Gently tap the side of the brewer to even out the settled coffee grounds
  7. Tare scale to zero
  8. Begin pouring water at 205° and start timer
  9. Pour 700 milliliters of water on top of coffee grounds (700 grams on the scale)
  10. Pour water in a spiral motion, ensuring all coffee grounds are wet
  11. Stir the coffee after pouring the water to eliminate clumps and ensure even brewing
  12. Replace lid of French Press to retain the heat. 
  13. Gently press down the piston just enough to keep all ground coffee submerged under the surface of the water
  14. Allow your coffee to steep for 4:00 minutes
  15. After 4:00 minutes, slowly press down the piston all the way down to filter the coffee. Do not press down too quickly! 
  16. Immediately pour your brewed coffee coffee into mugs or a decanter to avoid over extraction
  17. Serve fresh and enjoy!

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