Jauja: The family jewel in Antigua, Guatemala

Samuel Coto inspecting coffee drying beds at Jauja

The beautiful farm of Jauja (pronounced “how-ha”) is one of the oldest coffee farms in Guatemala. Jauja is a family jewel that has been kept through generations. The word itself is synonymous with “the good stuff” in English. Panorama’s production team led by Mr. Stuardo Coto is now working together with the land owner to produce and revive the farm for many generations to come, while yielding an excellent cup result. 

Jauja coffee farm in Antigua, Guatemala

The fully washed coffees are depulped and fermented in water for 24 to 36 hours, depending on weather conditions. After fermentation, the coffee is dried for 6 to 9 days on concrete patios. Each day-lot is cupped by the Coto Quality Control team and separated by cup profile. 


Jauja is situated in the San Cristobal el Bajo aldea centrally located in the municipality of Antigua in Guatemala. Antigua has a long history and was the first region to grow coffee as an ornamental plant in Jesuit convents before becoming a livelihood. Antigua is surrounded by 3 volcanoes; Volcan de Agua, Volcan de Acatenango, and Volcan de Fuego (which is still active), all of which can be seen from the farm. Old bourbon cultivars are grown under partial shade from grevillea and avocado trees. The rich volcanic soil, warm days and cool nights and high winds give Antigua a unique microclimate that is highly sought after.  

MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/zxE6tJHhzg5R4hB96

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