Ethiopia West Arsi Werka Nensebo Natural.

Nearly 850 smallholder family farmers surrounding the Werka village deliver freshly picked coffee to Testi’s Nensebo washing station in the Nensebo district, located in the West Arsi zone. Each farmer has an average of 2-5 hectares of certified organic coffee and typically will manage and pick their own coffee and immediately transport it to the Nensebo station. After cherries are floated in water as a quality check to remove “floaters”, they are spread over raised beds to dry. The coffee is constantly rotated on the beds to ensure even drying, and any underripe cherries are picked out during the drying process. Drying time for this coffee is approximately 15-18 days depending on the weather.

We are blown away by the cup profile of this coffee! The perfect growing conditions, and attention to detail from the organic cultivation and picking to the processing, all come together to produce a beautifully unique cup. We note lots of berries (particularly strawberry) with a nice citrus acidity and soft, creamy body all wrapped up in a unique flavor of fresh yogurt.

The Nensebo washing station is owned and operated by the Yonis family. We have had the pleasure of collaborating with Faysel Yonis in Ethiopia and his brother Eskinder Yonis for six years now. Their friendship and their coffees are always something to look forward to!

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