Recipes: Hario Cold Brew Bottle

The Hario Cold Brew Bottle is made of high-quality glass from Japan and an effective yet simple way to brew great cold brew coffee at home! 

Our recipe is intended to brew ready to drink cold brew as opposed to concentrate. Try brewing this recipe with our Jeevan Blend which is sourced and roasted with cold brew in mind. 

Quick Reference 

Coffee Dose: 60 grams 

Grind Size: Setting 23-24 on the Baratza Encore (or 800 to 1000 µm)

Water Dose: 700 milliliters 

Water Temp: 40°F 

Brew Time: 20 to 24 hours 

Brew Mass: 625 grams 

Target TDS: ~1.65% 

Set Up and Brewing Instructions 

  1. This recipe is for a ready to drink cold brew and is not intended for concentrate. 
  2. Weigh out whole bean coffee. 
  3. Grind coffee coarse just before brewing  
  4. Add ground coffee into the drop-in filter/strainer. 
  5. Replace the upper strainer to the bottom strainer with a twisting motion until it "clicks" shut. 
  6. Attach the strainer assembly to the rubber pour spout. 
  7. Drop in the strainer assembly into the glass brewer and press on the rubber spout to create a seal. 
  8. Place the entire assembly on your scale and tare scale to zero 
  9. With the rubber stopper removed, gently pour 700 milliliters (or 700 grams) of water over the coffee grounds into the brewer. Note that there is an indicator on the glass brewer for 700ml water. 
  10. Put the rubber stopper into the pour spout and gently shake the brewer to ensure coffee grounds are fully saturated in water.
  11. Set a timer and allow coffee to brew at least 20 hours up to 24 hours. Use a longer brewing time for a stronger brew.
  12. Once brewing is complete, detach pour spout and slowly lift out the strainer assembly.
  13. Remove strainer assembly from pour spout.
  14. Promptly discard spent coffee grounds and rinse strainer components.
  15. Replace the pour spout to the glass brewer and store in the refrigerator.
  16. Serve fresh and enjoy!
  17. Adjust recipe to taste per coffee.

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