Recipes: AeroPress "Prismo espresso shot"

The versatility of the AeroPress brewer just keeps on giving, especially when coupled with the Fellow Prismo attachment!

Using the AeroPress and Prismo, you can brew some very concentrated coffees that look and taste similar to espresso shots from a professional espresso machine. Although the brewing pressure is no where near what a steam boiler produces, this 'shot' comes through packed full of flavor. In our cafes, we keep all of our roasted coffees available for brewing in the AeroPress either using our standard recipe or this "Prismo espresso shot" recipe. 

For easy to make delicious lattes at home, add this shot over ice and top off with your favorite milk or alternative!

Quick Recipe

Coffee Dose: 20 grams 

Grind Size: Setting 4 on the Baratza Encore (or about 200 µm)

Water Dose: 65 milliliters 

Water Temp: 205°F 

Brew Time: 1:30 minutes - plus an additional 0:30 seconds to “press” the coffee. 

Brew Mass: ~40 grams  

Target TDS: 6.00% (~EXT 23-24%) 

Additional water can be added after brewing to dilute to your preference. 

Making small grind setting adjustments to dial in each coffee is recommended before altering other brewing parameters.  

Darker roasts may require coarser grind and potentially lower water temperatures, pending taste. 


  1. Fill kettle with approximately 200 milliliters and bring to 205°F 
  2. Weigh out 20 grams of whole bean coffee 
  3. Grind coffee just before brewing  
  4. Assemble Fellow Prismo attachment and metal filter 
  5. Add AeroPress paper filter on top of Prismo mesh filter 
  6. Attach Prismo attachment to AeroPress 
  7. Pour a small amount of hot water into the AeroPress to rinse the filter and preheat the brewer. 
  8. Discard hot water from AeroPress 
  9. Place AeroPress on scale 
  10. Pour ground coffee into the AeroPress after discarding rinse water 
  11. Gently tap the side of the AeroPress to even out the settled coffee grounds 
  12. Tare scale to zero 
  13. Begin pouring water at 205°F and start your timer 
  14. Pour 65 milliliters of water on top of coffee grounds  
  15. Pour water in a spiral motion and down the sides of the AeroPress 
  16. Stir coffee vigorously after pouring to ensure all coffee grounds are wet 
  17. Remove AeroPress from the scale 
  18. Let steep for 1:30 minutes  
  19. Swirl or stir the aerpress again just before pressing 
  20. Slowly press the plunger for about 0:30 seconds until a “hiss” of air is heard. 
  21. Discard spent coffee grounds and rinse brewer 
  22. Adjust grind size to taste 
  23. Serve fresh and enjoy! 

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