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El Salvador Finca Colomba Nazareno
El Salvador Finca Colomba Nazareno

El Salvador Finca Colomba Nazareno

Finca Colomba Nazareno

Caturra Natural

Cranberry • Raspberry • Dark Fruits 

Light-Medium Roast

Finca Colomba has been in the Adolfo family for 3 generations. In 1949, Adolfo McEntee inherited two properties from his family in the Cordillera de Llamatepec, on the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano. At this time, Don Adolfo began planting Bourbon coffee trees at Finca Colomba and Finca San Francisco. Don Adolfo’s son, José Adolfo MCentee Batlle inherited the farms and continued the legacy before passing down to his son “Fofo”

After having been kidnapped twice during the civil war throughout the country, José Adolfo emigrated to Miami with his son and left the management of the farm to Mario Valiente, owner of Finca Calera. In 2014, Mario Valiente built Colomba’s dry mill so the farm has direct control over every step of the process from farm to export. Great care is taken preparing each coffee for exporting and 10 women, who are heads of their households, oversee the final quality check through manual sorting.

Finca Colomba grows Yellow Caturra, Red Caturra, Sanpacho, Gesha, Pacas, Cuscatleco, Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon and some Kenyan varieties were recently planted. The rich volcanic soil and elevations over 1,500 meters above sea level, come together for ideal growing conditions.


Mario Valiente implements multiple processing methods at the wet mill including carbonic macerated and anaerobic fermented naturals, traditional naturals, honey, fully washed, semi-washed and more. Each process is tasted and sorted according to the cupping result.

The farm permanently employs 80 people and up to 210 people from nearby towns during the picking season. Aware of the need in the surrounding communities, Finca Colomba supports schools in the area, hosts medical conferences to provide accessible healthcare and distributes toys to children during the Christmas season.

REGION: Chalchuapa, Santa Ana Department 

LOCATION: https://goo.gl/maps/KQxBe5XkKJsU44PP7 

FARMER/GROWER: Mario Valiente / José “Fofo” Adolfo 

FARM: Finca Colomba 



ALTITUDE: 1500 m.a.s.l. 


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