Roast Levels

Each coffee that we offer will include a label with our roast level indicated. Each filled-in circle designates a different level or roast. Below you find a brief definition of each roast level to assist in choosing the right roast level for your preference! 


1 - Light roasts.

Our lightest roasts.

Typically reserved for the most complex coffees, our light roast profile maintains all origin character, especially focusing on perceived acidity and fruity notes.

2 - Light / Medium roasts.

Somewhere between a light roast and a medium roast.

These profiles often have notes of darker fruits with a mild acidity and balanced with some of the sweetness that you might see in medium roasts like caramel, molasses or chocolate.

3 - Medium roasts.

The middle way.

Our medium roast profiles accentuate sweetness and body in a coffee. At these medium roast levels, acidity will be present but muted, and there may be the slightest amount of bitterness due to roast, but very little if any.

Medium roasts are some of the most popular in our community, and are a safe bet if you do not know what roast level you prefer!

4 - Medium / Dark roasts.

Somewhere between a medium roast and a dark roast.

Our medium / dark roast profiles will have little to no perceived acidity, lots of sweetness, heavy body and some prevalent roast flavor without being overly bitter.

5 - Dark Roasts.

Our darkest roasts.

These roast profiles will have less origin character with more bitterness and roast flavor. The bitterness of the a dark roast tends to pair best with milk and sugar to deliver a more "old school" coffee experience.


Let us know if you are still unsure what roast profile you would prefer to drink! Our coffee experts would love to get to know your taste a bit more to recommend something that you will be sure to enjoy.