Hario V60 Brewing Guide

A go-to by coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike, the V60 is a versatile brewer that can bring out many nuances in each coffee. The recipe can be altered depending on the coffee and preference. The V60 from Hario brews a clean, crisp cup with perfect extraction and is a quintessential representation of pour-over coffee.

What you will need to get started:


Fill your kettle with at least 450 milliliters of water (or 450 grams).

Heat water to 205° or just off boiling.


Weigh out 20 grams of your favorite freshly roasted whole bean coffee before grinding on a fine / medium-fine grind setting.

We have found setting 11-13 on the Baratza Encore grinder to be a great starting point. Grind finer for a stronger cup and grind coarser for a lighter cup.

Grinding immediately before brewing will drastically improve the quality of your home brew!


Place your mug or a decanter on top of the scale.

Position the V60 Dripper on top of a mug or decanter.


Take the V60 filter and fold along the bonded portion to flatten out the filter. This allows the filter to sit flush against the cone shape of the V60 dripper.

Open up the filter and position inside the V60 dripper.


Use the previously prepared hot water to rinse the paper filter. This will remove the "paper" taste from the filter and pre-heat all of the brewing components.

Discard the rinse water.

Avoid pouring too much water! You will need 340 milliliters (or grams) for the coffee.


Add freshly ground coffee to the inside of the filter.

Gently tap the side of the V60 dripper to ensure that the grounds are level in the filter.

Tare the scale to zero.


Time to "bloom!"

Pour just enough water at 205° to completely saturate all of the coffee grounds. This should be possible with about 40-50 grams of water.

Start your timer at the first pour (Hario's drip scale has a built-in timer!)

After pouring, let the coffee "bloom" for 30-45 seconds. The bloom gives the coffee a moment to let CO2 from the roasting process escape and evenly opens up all the grounds for even extraction. The fresher the coffee, the longer the bloom!


Once the bloom is complete, begin pouring water in a spiraling motion.

Pour 100 grams of water in a spiral motion from inward to outward to inward again. Avoid pouring along the outside of the filter as this will push coffee grounds downward and affect brew times.

Pause for 5-10 seconds after pouring 100 grams of water. This is called a "pulse."

Continue pouring in a spiral motion and pulse for 5-10 seconds after every 50 grams of water is poured.

Repeat until a total of 340 grams of water is poured.


Allow all of the water to drain through the coffee grounds and filter. The entire V60 brewing process should take 3:00 to 3:30 minutes.

Remove filter and spent grounds.


Serve and enjoy the delicious taste of a fresh cup of coffee!

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