French Press Brewing Guide

Since the 1920's, the French Press has been one of the easiest ways to brew a consistent and delicious cup of coffee time after time! As a "full immersion" brewer with a metal filter, the press yields a full bodied cup with a lot of richness.

Our recipe below can be cut in half to brew a single serving!

What you will need to get started:


Fill your kettle with at least 700 milliliters of freshly drawn filtered water (or 1000 grams).

Heat water to 205° or just off boiling.


Weigh out 45 grams of your favorite freshly roasted whole bean coffee before grinding on a coarse grind setting.

We have found setting 22-25 on our Baratza Encore grinder to be a great starting point. Grind finer for a stronger cup and grind coarser for a lighter cup.

Grinding immediately before brewing will drastically improve the quality of your home brew!


Set up your scale and position french press on top of it. Tare your scale to zero and add the ground coffee into the brewer.

Gently tap the side of your french press to ensure that the coffee grounds are level inside the brewer.

Tare scale to zero once again after the coffee grounds have been added.


Time to brew!

Start a 4:00 timer and pour water at 205° into the French Press, ensuring that all of the grounds are fully saturated in water. A swirling motion and an aggressive pour helps with this!

Pour all 700 milliliters into the French Press (or 700 grams on the scale)

Replace the lid of the French Press to minimize heat loss, but do not depress the plunger yet.


After the coffee is allowed to brew in the water for 4:00 minutes, slowly but firmly push down on the handle to "press" the metal filter through the brew.


Serve and enjoy!

Note: because of the coarse filter, we recommend decanting or serving immediately to separate the brew from the sediment that will collect at the bottom of your press. This avoids over extraction!

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